Questa e’ l’occasione di visitare un altro paese. Per quelli che amano l’avventura visitate Aghi Saranda una vecchia citta’ di Vutrotu’con rovine dell’antica civilta’ greca del 3o sec d.C. Pranzate alla citta’ di Aghi Saranda e spendete il vostro pomeriggio passeggiando per le vie della citta’.


  • Boat type: Flying Dolphin
  • Coach transfer to and from the hotel and the Port of Corfu
  • Full day with a professional guide
  • Short coffee break in Saranda
    Exploring the ancient city of Butrint
    Lunch at a sea view restaurant in Saranda
    Visit to Blue Eye
  • Guided walking tour of the city and free time


Our single-day cruise to the fascinating country of Albania is aimed at adventurous travellers seeking something out of the ordinary. From the Port of Corfu, we follow the Albanian coast to the city port of Saranda. After a short coffee break in Saranda, a 20-km guided coach tour of the south coast’s virgin shores and scattered islands is available for those who want it. Leaving the mainland again, we pass small picturesque villages and endless fertile plains that lead to a great lake.

The highlight of your day will be a visit to Butrint – an UNESCO World Heritage site. Over the centuries, the ancient town had disappeared under layers of silt and vegetation. In recent years, however, archaeologists have uncovered some of the finest working town remains in the Mediterranean. At the edge of the lake is the ancient city of Vouthrota. The Venetian Tower near the entrance, the ancient theatre, the Temple of Asclepius, the ancient gymnasium, the Roman Baths, the Roman Baptistery with its priceless mosaic floor, the Lion gate and the enormous Cyclopean walls will transport you back in time from 2,500 years till the 3rd century A.D. At the top of the hill stands the Venetian Castle, offering breath-taking, panoramic views of the ancient city, the lake and the vast plains below. Lunch is served upon your return to Saranda, after which there is a visit to Blue Eye – an underground spring more than 50 meters deep that creates a lake whose turquoise waters will fill you with feelings of energy and peace. In the afternoon, there will be a walking tour of Saranda, after which we finally depart this land that time forgot. Join us and explore Mainland Albania – a truly magical place!

Additional info

  1. Passport details of all participants are required at the time of booking (at least one day before the trip).
  2. For citizens of an EU a valid ID-card or a valid passport is required on the day of travel.

Citizens of a non-European country subject to visa obligation in the Schengen zone need a valid passport and a residence permit or visa of the country belonging to the Schengen zone.

Citizens of a non-European country subject to visa obligation in the Schengen zone need a valid passport and multi-visa if the wish to travel from Greece to Albania and return.

  1. Children under the age of 18 are not accepted on board without being accompanied by the two parents or an adult person.

*Children being accompanied only by one parent; the other parent must sign a written authorization.

**If the adult is not one of the two parents either parents or legal guardian must sign a written authorization.

Appropriate forms are available at the central ticket office at the Port.

If the parents are not in the Country of the departure port the signature of the authorization must be authenticated from the state of the children and to been translated from the embassy of the country of the port of departure.

If the parents are not at the port but in the Country of the port of departure the signature of the authorization can be authenticated from a Police Department of the Country of the port of departure.

If the parents are at the port of departure the signature of the authorization can be authenticated from Passport Control Office.

The written authorization has to be remitted to the Passport Control Office and the Master or the Purser of the vessel.


Partenze Disponibili

  • Ionian cruises

    Ionian cruises

    Day cruise. No meals or drinks included. Transfer service charged extra.

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    Full day cruise. No meals or drinks included in rate. Transfer to/from the port available at extra charge. Check our site for the transfer information, make sure your hotel (or pick up point) is on our list and be in front of the hotel on time. If you are arranging your own transfer, make sure to be at the departure point 15 min before departure time.

    On board our ship you can spend your time at our 2 decks, On the lowest level you will find the main snack bar The sun-deck is a big spacious light deck, where you can enjoy your coffee, drinks, breakfast and later on, your cocktails.

    Make sure you are properly dressed for the occasion. We suggest checking the weather conditions, and if summer time, bring with you your swim ware, sun screen lotion sunglasses and hat. Do not forget your comfortable shoes as to be able to explore the islands. Casual is our main suggestion

    Do not forget your camera, as along the way you will have an opportunity to see many new and unexpected things, have it handy at any point, as something we are followed by dolphins, and you do not want to miss that kind of moments.

    And for last, do not forget home your good mood, be ready for an experience of a life time …


AlbaniaL’Albania è ben nota per la sua tradizionale ospitalità e la natura straordinaria. Il clima di questo paese piccolo varia da zona in zona, si va dal caldo mediterraneo al freddo continentale, con inverni relativamente brevi ed estati calde e secche. L’Albania è un contenitore di secoli di storia con antichi siti archeologici, medioevali, villaggi moderni, Leggi di più

L'isola di Corfù

LL’isola di Corfù Corfù, Kerkyra per i greci, è la più conosciuta delle isole ioniche. Prima ancora di attraccare al porto ci si rende conto di quanto sia ricca di storia. Contesa nei secoli per la sua posizione strategica da tutte le principali potenze dell’epoca compresa Venezia, il centro storico di Corfù è patrimonio dell’umanità. Leggi di più


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